At Capital we pride ourselves in offering cost effective, quality course offering. The students have the following opportunities to make their education further affordable:

  1. Merit Scholarship: Students who attain high grades in their schooling or university may apply for merit scholarships. In order to be eligible, the students must have:
    1. British System: 3As and 2Bs in the O levels
    2. Indian System: Above 75% in CBSE / ICSE exams
    3. Other systems: Case by Case basis
  2. Family Privilege: Families with more than one child studying with the Capital at the same instance will be eligible for the family concession of 10% off other child’s study.
  3. Alumni Privilege: Students who have already completed a program of study from the Capital will be eligible for an Alumni Privilege. Alumni are exempt from paying a registration fee for the other course (s) of study
  4. Early Bird Offers: Capital offers several programs a year and announces them much ahead of start date. These programs if enrolled early enough can earn the student Early Bird offers which may see substantial benefit in fees. These are stated on admissions site.
  5. Capital Referral Scheme: Historically, many students enrol into Capital via word of mouth from current students. We are very grateful for this and by Capital Referral Scheme we reward students. The rewards can be adjusted against their fees or issued in cash.
  6. Pre Payment: Students who pay the complete fees in one instalment can avail a 5% rebate on the fee.

For any queries please email the advisors on