Terms and Conditions


General Refund Policies: Specific program refund policies are available on their brochures – the centre general policies are that should a student wish to withdraw from the program, the following procedure needs to be followed:

1. The intention must be made in writing to the Student Relations and Admissions Manager/ Centre Manager.
2. Refund of fees (registration fees not included in fees) will be made in the format below:
a . 2 weeks before the start of program 75%
b . On the day of the start of program ( before the program) 50%
c . After one class session 25%
d . After two class sessions 00%

3. The registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless CTI decides not to run the program.

4. In case of proven medical condition supported by MOHs certificate confirming non attendance of the program by the student, 10% or balance fee will be refunded, whichever is less. Private clinics certificates will not be accepted.

5. Processing time for refunds is 15 working days. Classes missed while sessions are being run are counted as classes taken while counting the refunds. All refund cases will be treated alike and no exceptions will be made in any case.

Conditions of Enrollment

1. Students are required to attend at least 80% of lectures of their course and complete all tests and submit written work as required by lecturers and tutors on time.

2. If a student does not submit his/her work by the deadline set, the submissions will not be marked and students will receive a “0” / “fail” for that work. Any exception to this rule is at the discretion of the CTI Manager.

3. The CTI reserves the right to expel a student if he/she does not fulfill the above requirements in (1) above or for behaviour disruptive to the general conduct of the CTI. Any refund of fees will be at the discretion of the CTI.

4. Classes will be held as scheduled and as explained to the students by the CTI Manager or Officer of Admissions and Administration prior to registration. However, should classes be lost due to public holidays or other unforeseen circumstances, there may be more classes than those scheduled to cover up for the loss. In such event, students are required to attend the extra classes as necessary in order to complete the program as scheduled.

5. Enrollment for a course, together with the payment of the required deposit, creates a binding agreement to follow the course and to pay the full fee.

6. In the event of cancellation for whatever reason, the following apply:-
a . Cancellation must be made in writing.
b. The deposit is not refundable.
c . Where a cancellation is received after commencement of the course refund will be at the discretion of the College and the college refund policy.

7. If students change their course of study during the term no refunds will be given where the revised course involves the same, more or a fewer subjects or results in a lower fee.

8. Courses will take place only if justified by demand.

9. Where students are studying towards an external qualification the CTI will solely be responsible for tuition.

10. The CTI Prospectus is correct at the time of printing but subject to alteration without prior notice.

11. While course start and end dates are not expected to change the CTI reserves the right to alter dates in order to facilitate or improve th e provision of the course and its examinations. Those changes will in no way affect the other terms and conditions of a student’s contract with the CTI.

12. A deposit – indicated in the Tuition Fees List – must be paid as soon as you have received y our Letter of Admission. You will then receive further details from our Admissions Office regarding your final enrollment and payment of fees.

13. All changes of address must be immediately notified in writing to the Admissions Office .

14. The CTI reserves the right to inform a student’s sponsor(s) of the academic or attendance

performance of the student but only if requested by the sponsor(s).

15. The CTI reserves the right to place a student arriving late for his/her intended course, onto a course which commences at a later date. Such students may request a refund for the course but the registration fees will continue to remain non-refundable. If the classes have started for the earlier term and the student is delayed in joining for any circumstance except created by the CTI will be considered for refund as per CTI Refund Policy where the number of days absent while the course was being run will be counted as if the student had ‘attended’ and refund will be calculated accordingly.

16. Irrespective of any information provided verbally by the staff or agents of the CTI, all applicants and students will be subject to the conditions stated herein, and regulations provided in the Student Manual.

17. In the event of closure of the CTI through an Act of God, War or Political or Industrial unrest that may cause temporary cessation of class schedules, the CTI will endeavor to ensure students recommence studies at one of its associated CTIs.

18. The CTI will not be responsible for any mail or money sent to students who use CTI as an accommodation address for mail that they may receive.

19. False information on the application form may render the student liable to expulsion.

20. While every effort is made to ensure that course information material provided by the CTI is correct, the CTI will neither be liable for any error in its publications nor for changes in the courses, syllabuses, regulations or exemptions made.

21. Any monies received by the CTI from the student’s parent, guardian or sponsor on his or her behalf will, after clearance through the bank, used by the CTI, be paid to the student only and not to any other person and will be paid via a non-negotiable crossed cheque.

22. While student ’s files are treated as confidential, the CTI will not be liable for any information requested by the government departments or any of their divisions with a written request stating explicitly the use of the same.

23. The CTI reserves the right to change the location of its centre(s) or part thereof within the cities in which centres may be located or add additional centers.

24. Students must abide by any internal Rules and Regulations of the CTI as detailed in the Student Manual given to every student who joins the CTI and available for reading in the CTI’s Reception area.

25. Relocation or any associated issues/implications, will not form a reason to seek refund.

26. In the event of discrepancy/ambiguity on the general terms and conditions the CTI Management’s decision will be final & upheld.

For any queries feel free to contact Centre Manager on hello@capital.ac.ae