Course Code: MP009

The purpose of this unit is to deal with the interaction between strategy and human resources as approached from a general managerial perspective. It provides learners with a comprehensive overview of human resource issues applied to the most current technological advances and up-to-date investments in human resource practices.

The conceptual framework for this unit is composed of a mission statement and nine components corresponding to individual sub-units that draw from the principles of human-capital theory, strategic management, strategic planning, environmental analysis, human resource planning, strategy implementation, and principles of evaluation. It also incorporates principles of rational and comprehensive strategic planning. The frame work begins with an assumption that the company has a mission of obtaining an appropriate rate of return for shareholders while complying with the interests of the company's other stakeholders, including employees and governmental agencies.

This course will enable the learner to achieve the following skills and knowledge:

1. Examine and understand the investment perspective in Human Resources
2. Analyze and reach an Informed awareness of environmental trends (general and legal environment)
3. Analyze the integration of Strategic HR within the strategy formulation
4. Examining the principles of Human Resources Planning
5. Evaluate Strategy Implementation in line with workforce utilization and reward schemes

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Entry Requirements

Students applying for the program would benefit more readily if they meet with one of the following:

1. An appropriate Diploma
2. An appropriate professional qualification such as CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional

Mature executives who do not possess the above mentioned qualification but with substantial experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Student progress is monitored by continuous assessment. A variety of assessment methods will be used, for example, assignments, business style reports, case studies, logbooks, observations, oral presentations, personal audits, portfolios, role-play and projects. Students are graded at either Pass or Fail.

Course Content

  • Human Resource Investment Considerations, Investments in Training and Development
  • Investment Practices for Improved Retention, Investments in Job-Secure Workforces
  • Technology and Organizational Structure
  • Employment Opportunity, Compensation, Employee Relations Strategic Impact of the Legal Environment
  • Importance of Human Resources to Strategy, Theoretical Foundations International Strategy, Human Resource Contributions to Strategy
  • The Strategic Role of Human Resource Planning, Overview, Managerial Issues in Planning
  • Integration of Strategy and Human Resource Planning, The Human Resource Manager and Strategic Planning
  • Forecasting Techniques, Forecasting the Supply of Human Resources Forecasting the Demand for Human Resources
  • Workforce Utilization
  • Reward Schemes

Course Fees

Special Course fees for 2017: AED 2500/- inclusive of registration, assessments, sessions and final CHRM from the UK.


As per our new format, the program is taught in evenings for over 7 evenings per month part-time. Alternatively the program is offered on weekends - Fri/Saturday on full day workshop basis. Lectures are supplemented with case studies, group projects and discussions throughout the program. Students share their experiences with other students to enhance their expertise in a range of areas, including competency in the common body of knowledge for human resource professionals.


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded with the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) certificate from the UK. The course is approved by the KHDA as well.

Status of Qualification

Advanced vocational qualification. Students may progress into the Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management


Students who have completed the CHRM may now move into the Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management