Course Code: MP008

The Certificate Program in Human Resources Management (CHRM) is designed in response to the important role of human resources (HR) management in any organization. It provides the students with the necessary background essential to meet the needs of the corporate HR department in the 21st century. This certificate program is appropriate for both newcomers to the human resources field and those with some experience but who are seeking to keep current in the field or expand their knowledge base.

The purpose of this unit is to familiarize learners with evolution of human resources from personnel management and the knowledge, understanding of the human resource management role and function within the key areas of resourcing, reward, development and relations.

This course will enable the learner to achieve the following skills and knowledge:

1. Analyze the traditional personnel management with the new approach of Human resource Management to achieve organizational objectives
2. Evaluate the human resource procedures and ways for recruiting and selecting appropriate employees in an organization
3. Analyze factors and procedures used in assessing human resource requirements and monitoring / compensating / rewarding employees suitably.
4. Analyze the human resources function and principles used for exit of employees from the organization

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Students applying for the program would benefit more readily if they meet with one of the following:

1. An appropriate Diploma
2. An appropriate professional qualification

Mature executives who do not possess the above mentioned qualification but with substantial experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Student progress is monitored by continuous assessment. A variety of assessment methods will be used, for example, assignments, business style reports, case studies, logbooks, observations, oral presentations, personal audits, portfolios, role-play and projects. Students are graded at either Distinction, Merit , Pass or Fail.


  • Personnel management and the new approach of human resource management
  • HRM function
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Law and procedures for recruiting and selecting appropriate employees
  • Assessing Employee needs
  • Recruitment Policies and Procedures
  • Laws of Recruitment
  • Procedures for analyzing employee performance reward / compensation management
  • Rights and function of HR on exit and termination of employees

The program is conducted in workshop / seminar mode over a period of 2 full days. Lectures are supplemented with case studies, group projects and discussions throughout the program. Students share their experiences with other students to enhance their expertise in a range of areas, including competency in the common body of knowledge for human resource professionals.


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded with the unit Certificate in Human Resources Management by Edexcel, London UK.

Status of Qualification

Advanced vocational qualification. Students may progress into the Professional Program in Executive Human Resource Management or the Professional Program in Executive Business Management.