Course Code: DP001

23 National Design Awards have been won by Capital students from 1998 till date across Dubai International Fashion Week, The Hotel Show, BurJuman Awards and Bride Shows. Diploma Fashion Design

The Fashion Industry is dynamic and challenging, offering rewarding careers to those individuals who are energetic, flexible, innovative and creative. The program in Fashion Design is specifically designed to develop a breadth of understanding of the fashion industry and to provide a broad foundation for students from which they can determine which branch of the industry their personal talents are most suited to. CAPITAL has offered the program for several batches now and has produced several award winning students. Please see below for complete details.

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Each year Capital and its students participate in an exhaustive set of design competitions and the results are below:

Awards in 2017

Feb 2017 - Ms Anchaya Sinha won the Arabic Fashion Awards, Bride Show Abu Dhabi

Awards in 2016: Arabic Fashion Awards

April 2016 – Ms Radhika Nair won the Arabic Fashion Awards, Bride Show Abu Dhabi

Ms Shivangi Suvarna was finalist in the Arabic Fashion Awards, Bride Show Abu Dhabi

Sarah Anoose won the Amsa Unform Design Contest<

The Year of Team Capital.

Bride Show Young Designer of the Year 2015.

Ms Fatema Merchant won two awards at the Young Designer of the Year 2015 including the People’s Choice award to do us proud. The awards were won in competition with ESMOD, Al Ghurair University, Preston University and other schools from Saudi and Qatar.

Awards before 2015

  • Team Capital won the BurJuman Run Way Art Show 2014 – Jan 2014
  • Ms Nida won the Hotel Show 2011 making it Capitals’ 4th consecutive year of victory- May 19,2011
  • Ms Charlotte was declared runner-up at the Hotel Show 2011 – May 19,2011
  • Ms Souzan Nafez won the Award for the Corporate Catwalk at the Hotel Show 2010 – May 20 2010
  • Ms Ritikha Chabbria won the Runner Up at the Hotel Show 2010 – May 20 2010
  • Ms Reema Batheja and Ms Amrita Singh were finalists at Bur Juman Runway Art Show in Dec 2009
  • Ms Derya won the Student Designer Award at the annual Hotel Show in May 2009
  • Ms Noelle Adams won the Dubai Fashion Week in March 2009
  • Ms Ayesha Chodhury won the Young Designer of the Year 2008 Awards at the Bride Show
  • Ms Natalia: Won the 2008 Hotel Show Student Design Awards
  • Ms Kaukab Khan: Innovation Award 2006 at Young Designers 2006-07
  • Ms. Kehkhashan Mustaq: Swarovski Innovation Award 2003 at Young Designer 2003-2004
  • Ms. Lali Mirzoeva & Oxana: Designer of the Year 2003 1st runner up at Young Designer 2003-2004
  • Ms. Ashley Darmanin: Designer of the Year 2003 2nd runner up at Young Designer 2003-2004
  • Fazreena Ismail won the Young Designer 2002-03
  • Fazreena Ismail won the Rivoli Best Use of Fabric Trophy in 2002-03
  • Abeer Marcel won the Swarovski Most Innovative Use of Crystals in 2001-02
  • Abeer Marcel also won the Best Use of Fabric in 2001-02
  • Egle Koyalate won the Runners Up in Young Designer 2000-01
Module Course Title
I Design Exploration In Fashion
II Techniques and Processes In Fashion
III Production Techniques
IV Pattern Drafting
V Fashion Environment
VI Realizing A Fashion Collection
VII Textile Study
VIII History of Fashion
  • To develop talent among students in the area of designing arts
  • To prepare the students for an entry level position into the clothing industry
  • To facilitate use of technology in designing expression
  • To provide a career programme encouraging self employment

Teaching Methodology

Classes are held thrice a week. The training provided is a 70-30 mix of practical and theoretical training respectively.

Special Offer

Students enrolling in the following intake will receive a complimentary iPhone or laptop to help them in their studies. This promotion will not be offered with any other promotion. Fashion students will also receive a complimentary sewing machine.

Admission into the Fashion Design program is open to students of all nationalities with respect to the submission of the following requirements:

  • Certified copy of the high school graduation certificate or equivalent from a recognized institution. These may include one of the following:

    1. High School Certificate
    2. O’ levels (IGCSE/GCE)
    3. GED (General Education Diploma)
  • Complete Application form with 3 color passport - photographs
  • Clear passport copy
  • Students must have a good command of spoken English and own a laptop

Visa Support to Male students: Once admitted, upon request CAPITAL will provide visa support to male students who wish to continue studying on extended parents visa.


Upon Completion of the requirements, the students will receive a Professional Diploma in Fashion Design from Pearson Assured, UK's largest awarding body.

The professional diploma prepare students for their first significant vocational post within the creative industry and are recognised by education institutions worldwide.
Note: Students who have qualified with the The Professional program in Fashion Design may now upgrade to the Professional Diploma in Fashion Design which is issued by Pearson Assured / Edexcel - UK's largest awarding body and approved by the KHDA, Dubai

Original Fee: AED 19800 all inclusive.

Special Fees for Feb 2018 (Morning / Evening batch) is AED 12600/- inclusive of enrollment, sessions, assessments and the issuance of the final Diploma from London. Fees can be paid in installments.

VAT fee is borne by Capital. Don't let VAT come in the way of your study.