Course Code: MP010

Effective development and management of a supply chain network is an invaluable source of sustainable advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace, where demand is difficult to predict and supply chains need to be more flexible as a result. In fact, the real competition today is not between companies, but between supply chains. The winning approach to supply chains is an integrated perspective that takes account of networks of relationships, sustainability and product design, as well as the logistics of procurement, distribution, and fulfilment. Logistics and Supply Chain Management examines the tools, core processes and initiatives that ensure businesses gain and maintain their competitive advantage.

Students applying for the program would benefit more readily if they meet with one of the following:

1. An appropriate Diploma
2. An appropriate professional qualification

Mature executives who do not possess the above mentioned qualification but with substantial experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Logistics, the Supply Chain and Competitive Strategy
  • Measuring logistics costs and performance
  • Matching Supply and Demand
  • Creating the responsive Supply Chain
  • Strategic lead time management
  • The synchronous supply chain
  • Complexity and the supply chain
  • Managing the Global Pipeline
  • Managing Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Overcoming the barriers to supply chain integration
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain
  • Overcoming the barriers to supply chain integration
  • Supply Chain of the future

As per our new format, the program is taught in evenings for over 8 evenings per month part-time. Alternatively the program is offered on weekends - Fri/Saturday on full day workshop basis.


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded with the Professional Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Logistics by Pearson Assured, London UK.