Course Code: LP001

English is the dominant business language. It has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce, research from all over the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English. Its importance in the global market place therefore cannot be understated, learning English really can change your life.


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➢ Upon completion of this course participants will have sound knowledge in the basic concepts of English Language.
➢ Will understand the advantages of utilizing English language in day to day life.
➢ Speaking English will immediately open up opportunities regardless of your ethnicity, color, or background.

Beginners of English Language will learn:
Basics of English: Alphabets, Phonemes, How to use a Dictionary.

Business English Students will learn:
Lesson 1- Pre-assessment – gauge challenges with communication

Lesson 2- Parts of Speech – clubbed with free speech rounds, Role plays, activities & assignments

Lesson 3- Articles Verb Pronoun Prepositions Conjunction Comparative, Degree Pronunciation
– Syllable sounds commonly Confused Words.

Lesson 4: - Commonly made mistakes while Drafting Emails.
- Email Etiquette – Do’s & don’ts of formal writing
- Correct usage of punctuation marks
- Professional Vocabulary
- Practice Email writing
- Address day to day challenges with communication

20 hours for basic level and 20 hours for business english

Students upon completing the Basic English can move to Business English

Upon successful completion, the students would receive a Certificate of Achievement approved by the KHDA.