Course Code: LP002

Arabic is a middle east language. One of the most widely spoken languages in that part of the world. In today’s world, Arabic is of utmost importance due to the economic significance of the oil producing Arabic countries in the global scenario. Arabic

Learning the Arabic language can open doors to employment in the oil and travel industry. Knowing the Arabic language can help you find a career in a variety of fields such as  journalism, business and industry, education, finance and banking, translation and interpretation, consulting, foreign service and intelligence etc.

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➢ Upon completion of this course participants will have sound knowledge in the basic concepts of Arabic Language.
➢ Will understand the advantages of utilizing Arabic language in day to day life.
➢ will gain a bigger perspective on the world we live in. will learn how we are all connected and better understand the culture, background and traditions of Arabic speaking countries.

Lesson 1
- Arabic nouns
- 3 pronouns and 3 possessive Pronouns
- Greetings
- Basic vocabulary
- Gender
- Article al (The)
- Nominal verb (want)
- Numbers

Lesson 2
- Room items
- Possessive Pronouns attached to feminine words.
- Nationalities
- Basic directions

Lesson 3
- he/ she
- possessive pronouns (his/her)
- Adjectives
- Arabic nominal sentence
- Arabic Phrase

Lesson 4
- Rooms and furniture items
- At real state
There is/ there is no Dual (couple of) Nominal verbs (to have)

Lesson 5
- Street vocabulary
- This.../ That........
- Family members

Lesson 6
- Prepositions.

Lesson 7
- Present tense
- Present tense key words
- Day, week, month and year

lesson 8
- Present tense
- At furniture Shop
- Everyday Routine

20 hours

Students after completing Spoken Arabic can move into Business Arabic

Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement approved by the KHDA.